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For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2nd Corinthians 11:13-14

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Casey Treat’s Possibility Thinking

Posted by susanb99 on October 13, 2008

On February 24, 2008, Casey Treat was a guest of Robert H. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral fame. Here is an excerpt of the interview during the service:

Casey Treat: …we [Casey & Wendy] were married and started Christian Faith Center together. …and you [Schuller] were building the Crystal Cathedral…

…and we were birthing a new church. But we would watch you on television and we’d be inspired. I always loved Romans 12:2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” because I knew I had to change my thinking as well as my relationship with God. So I would see you, hear about possibility thinking, if they can do it at Crystal Cathedral we can do it in Seattle. A few months ago, we moved into a 5,000 seat sanctuary.

…And I would say your ministry has a part of building that church in the Northwest. (Online Source)

Schuller’s ministry has been based since 1969 on “Self-Esteem Theology”, a belief he wrote about in his books. Jesus died to alleviate low self-esteem; the preaching of sin is “a polluted message of shame, humiliation, and undeserved embarrassment” (Prayer: My Soul’s Adventure with God, p. 45, Published by T. Nelson 1995). But Jesus did not die on the cross to ELEVATE SELF. Jesus made it very clear that we must DENY SELF, pick up our cross and follow Him.

Treat has built his theology and church on “possibility thinking”, the very cornerstone of the self-esteem theologists. This belief is mimicked in the Word/Faith movement and Prosperity Gospel of which Treat is very much a part. Build up self, feel better about self, make more money for self, and above all — give more money to the church. The “possibility thinking” along with the Prosperity Gospel is based on the love of money which is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:10).

Casey Treat’s name is prominently displayed on the Crystal Cathedral website. In fact they also sell his latest book How to Be Your Best When You Feel Your Worst, since his teachings fall in step with Schuller’s heretical theology. If Treat was actually preaching/teaching the “polluted message” of sin and repentance, his book would not be found on Schuller’s site.

Treat, along with his wife Wendy, have been pushing contemplative spirituality advocates (John Eldredge, M. Scott Peck, etc. see previous article), the Prosperity Gospel, possibility thinking with the self-esteem theology — all of which are directly contrary to the Word of God.

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